About Us

“A simple idea can inspire, motivate and produce a change.”
Yes it all started with a simple idea, an idea to make cooking effortless and also to save some precious cooking time. Mr.Yogesh Bhosale, a civil engineer by profession is the man behind this tasty idea. He thought about this yummy concept when the world was locked down during the corona pandemic. His better half Mrs.Pratibha Bhosale found this concept very interesting and she decided to turn this into a food business. Then she turned her kitchen into a food lab, she tried a number of recipes, used different combinations, took help from the experts and worked vigorously to achieve the taste which she wanted to reach everyone’s kitchen.
After achieving the taste and satisfaction about quality, she decided to introduce this venture to all the food lovers like you. Range of delicious home style food which is soon going to establish itself as a brand in the world of taste.

Mrs. Pratibha Bhosale
- Founder ONG foods

ONG Foods
Anybody can cook

ONG foods… Presenting the easiest way to cook home style delicious food to satisfy your taste buds.

Our Promise
We promise to be and stay delicious yet homely food.

We ensure to use the best quality, hand picked ingredients. Because we care for your health as well as your taste buds.

Time saver
Cooking with ONG is so simple that anyone can cook lip smacking food in no time. It actually takes all your preparation time to zero minutes.

Easy to use
One of a kind product which makes cooking absolutely easy. Best help for day to day cooking. Even bachelors can replace their mess food with ONG’s tasty yet easy food products.

Why ONG?

Cooking is a time taking activity. Nowadays where every minute in our schedule values a lot, ONG saves some precious time for you. With ONG you would be able to skip all the preparation time & efforts and jump to deliciousness in minutes.
ONG is a saver… It saves your time, money, efforts, fuel and a lot more.
ONG is of great use for… students, beginners, elders, people in hurry, batchelors and travelers.
ONG helps you to skip… Storing ingredients, frying, grinding your spices, making gravy base etc. in fact you don’t even need to use oil in ONG recipes.
We ensure home-like taste and we are extremely critical about hygiene at ONG.